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Buy Mattress online at best prices in India. Shop from the widest range of mattresses including Spring, Foam, Coir, Therapuetic in best quality at Kurl-on


  1. Angelica Box Top

    Ever imagine sleeping like an angel? That’s what the Angelica Box Top helps you do. It’s crafted with high-tensile pocket springs, MSI technology, a comfort layer box top friction, and noise insulation that enables you and your partner to sleep peacefully.

    • High Tensile Pocket spring with MSI technology for more bounce with Zero partner disturbance.
    • Helical border wire support to avoid the spring from aging & maintains the shape of the mattress.
    • PU foam side support comfort layer helps to avoid sagging of the mattress from the edges.
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    Starting at : 14,744.00
  2. Mysore Silk

    Inspired from the bright coloured and intricate weaving technique of Mysore Silk sarees, the mattresses bring a sense of r o yalty and liveliness. Specially designed for newlyweds and couples, the mattress has an added layer of quilt for extra softness

    Designed for newly weds

    Extra Soft

    Added layer of top quilt

    Coir pad for better spine suport

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    Starting at : 4,426.00
  3. Phulkari

    Paying homage to the Punjabi embroidery technique of Phulkari, the mattresses reflect the fl o wery design elements. Owing to the heavy density (high GSM) fabric, it can provide excellent support for people of varying weights Excellent Support High GSM Fabric High tensile bonnell spring Side Wall for greater comfort Both side usable Learn More

    Starting at : 11,035.00
  4. Bandini

    It’s a common belief that Bandhani sarees, especially red ones bring good luck to the newlyweds. Strikingly unique to the e yes with bright and natural colours, the design’s uniqueness is o wed to the laborious dyeing technique Sweat Absorbing Fabric Excellent Spine Support Both side usable Environment Friendly Learn More

    Starting at : 6,692.00
  5. Spinekare RC

    The Core is constructed of High Density Rubberized Coir and supported by a layer of High Density Bonded Foam. It is one sided quilted with Luxurious Memory Foam.

    • Polar fleece spunsphera grey Tapestry is Used.
    • There are in built technology like Anti-Microbial, Anti- Dust Mite, Ultra Fresh, Additional Central Densification(ACD) and Vertical compression technology(VCT)
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    Starting at : 24,221.00
  6. Convenio

    Crafted with perfection, now no more tossing & turns in search of soft spot. Convenio core with breathable bonded foam aided with generous thick memory foam comfort layer quilt with a unique design & knitted tapestry. Experience the deep sleep and wake up without sore backs.

    • Kurlo-fresh: This keeps bacteria, fungi and dust mites at bay.
    • Anti-dust mite: Say goodbye to harmful micro-organisms with the anti-microbial technology that not only kills, but also prevents their growth.
    • ZPP: Reduces the built-up localized pressure and restores your normal blood circulation to lessen back and neck pain.
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    Starting at : 10,030.00
  7. Mattress In a Box

    Drift into a luxurious slumber and wake up feeling over the moon at the Kurl-on Snooze Centre. Get a 'Mattress In A Box' with ultra- knitted fabric and a plush, smooth finish. The convoluted foam core with the ultra-lush zipper cover lets you sleep in supreme comfort. Unbox today for the ultimate sleeping experience.

    • Sleep tips - Unbox – Unroll – Unwind; Rest in your dream station
    • Specialty: Easy to lift; Easy to Carry; Easy to transport; Easy to store

    **Please read the T&C before purchasing the product**

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    Starting at : 11,799.00
  8. Desire Top

    Feel on top of the world with Kurl-on Desire Top mattress, equipped with high tensile bonnel spring with helical support technology. An additional layer of PU foam and ultra-poly knitted fabric lends the mattress a plush and smooth finish. Drift into deep comfort and sweet dreams with Desire Top.

    • Support Type: Bonnell Spring
    • Comfort Layer: PU Foam
    • Mattress Features: Reversible Mattress
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    Starting at : 11,807.00
  9. Klassic

    The first choice of people with a penchant for style. Klassic is a legendary coir mattress by kurlon, its aided with high density coir with re-bonded foam, also additional generous thick PU foam comfort layer with printed cotton viscose tapestry with attractive quilt patterns crafted to perfection with kurlopedic technology for a dreamlike first touch that you will enjoy every single time you sleep on it.

    • Anti-microbial Technology: Say goodbye to harmful micro-organisms with the anti-microbial technology that not only kills, but also prevents their growth.
    • Anti-dust Mite Protection: Its anti-dust mite protection feature shields the mattress from dust mites to keep asthma and bad odor away.
    • Advanced Center Densification: Thanks to the increased material density at the centre of the mattress, you can enjoy optimum back and body support.
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    Starting at : 13,973.00
  10. Luxurino

    Drift into a luxurious sleep and wake up feeling on top of the world with Kurl-on Luxurino. The ultra-knitted fabric lends the mattress a plush, smooth finish that’s soft on the skin. The memory foam pillow top-composition and pocketed springs ensures that you and your partner sleep soundly.

    • Pocket spring mattress with pillow top
    • The pocket springs are covered with Thermo bond felt which prevents rupturing of layers of the mattress
    • Polyester knitted promos with jacquard tapestry for, superior breathability & smooth feel
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    Starting at : 32,355.00