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  1. Phulkari

    Paying homage to the Punjabi embroidery technique of Phulkari, the mattresses reflect the fl o wery design elements. Owing to the heavy density (high GSM) fabric, it can provide excellent support for people of varying weights Excellent Support High GSM Fabric High tensile bonnell spring Side Wall for greater comfort Both side usable Learn More

    Starting at : 11,035.00
  2. Shisha

    Drawing inspiration from the Persian embroidery technique of Shisha, the mattress possesses a unique look. Providing excellent spine support with soft and highly durable fabric. Soft & Comfortable Highly Durable Single side Quilting Learn More

    Starting at : 10,317.00
  3. Bandini

    It’s a common belief that Bandhani sarees, especially red ones bring good luck to the newlyweds. Strikingly unique to the e yes with bright and natural colours, the design’s uniqueness is o wed to the laborious dyeing technique Sweat Absorbing Fabric Excellent Spine Support Both side usable Environment Friendly Learn More

    Starting at : 6,692.00
  4. Mysore Silk

    Inspired from the bright coloured and intricate weaving technique of Mysore Silk sarees, the mattresses bring a sense of r o yalty and liveliness. Specially designed for newlyweds and couples, the mattress has an added layer of quilt for extra softness

    Designed for newly weds

    Extra Soft

    Added layer of top quilt

    Coir pad for better spine suport

    Learn More

    Starting at : 4,426.00