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Spinekare Spring

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You may think a hard, firm mattress is what’s good for your Spine. But we dis-agree find a rejuvating sleep on our spinekare mattress and wake up with zero aches and body pains. The Memory Foam softens in an appropriate points to support you along withthe natural lines and shape of your body. This keeps your spine aligned properly and eliminates pressure from specific body parts No more tossing and turning spinekare take care of your spine.Certified by Hosmat hospital

  • 1. High Tensile Bonnel spring with helical wire technology - More bounce More comfort

  • 2. Circular Helical wire support - locks the springs to avoid movements

  • 3. PU foam side support comfort layer - Avoids spring aging & maintains mattress shape unchanged

  • 4. Advance PU foam Re-inforcement technology - Extra spine support

  • 5. High density Cotton felt layers on top & bottom springs for firm support

  • 6. Re - Bonded foam layer on top of spring - Ultra firm support to the body

  • 7. Generous thickness Memory foam comfort layer quilt on Top - Takes the body shape & controls body temparature by ensuring extra comfort PU foam Quit on bottom - Ability to withstand the wieght & provides superior support"

  • 8. Mattress Crafted to perfection - Soft polar fleece fabric taylored with Anti-bed bug thread locked by special web tape finish

  • 9. No. 1 Theraupetically designed mattress for spine problems - Certified by Hosmat hosital

1. Anti-Bed Bug -Protection against Bed Bugs

2. Kurlo Fresh - Avoids bacteria, fungi & dustmites

3. Anti-dust mite - Protection against dust mites to avoid bad Odour

4. Anti- Microbial - Protection against microorganisms on inhabits their growth

5. Visco-elastic memory foam - takes the body shape, controls body temperature

6. Extra Comfort - More bounce More comfort

7. Side Support - Avoids side sagging, comfort at each mattress corner

8. Body Support - A complete contour support to your body

9. Certified by Hosmat hospital - Best therapeutic mattress for spine problems

10. 10 Yrs Warranty

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