A good mattress ensures optimal support for the back and keeps the curves aligned in neutral position. This is a must to avoid neck and back pains


The optimal height of the mattress should be atleast 6 inches more than your physical height


The optimal width of the mattress should be atleast 6 inches more than the length from one elbow to the other (oustretched)



Do turn your mattress head to feet, once a month to ensure even usage and avoid permanent body impression

Do treat your mattress with care. Avoid sitting on the edge and keeping heavy objects on it

To clean the mattress, use a damp cloth

Use wet protective sheet, if young children are using the mattress

Do ensure that the length and breadth of the cot matches with the mattress to fit properly



Do not bend, fold or roll the mattress

Do not allow mattress to get wet. In case it does, allow it to dry under a fan thoroughly, before using it again

Do not use detergents to clean your mattress

Do not light a match or smoke near the mattress, the materials used in the mattress can catch fire

Do not lay the mattress on uneven cot surface